Over 15 years of experience in the design and facilitation of large-scale social impact events and development programs for non-governmental, corporate, private, and governmental organizations has made EVENTA a social impact and corporate events specialist.
EVENTA was founded in 2003 by Nina Abi Fadel as a cause-related events management company. Since its inception EVENTA has grown to include fundraising strategy and professional business development services for nonprofit organizations. In addition to delivering clients’ events and projects, EVENTA also creates social impact initiatives of its own in partnership with renowned organizations.

Over the years EVENTA has built long term partnerships with quality suppliers and service providers working closely to ensure timely and cost efficient delivery of projects and events.
EVENTA relies on a young dynamic group of people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to successfully complete its projects. Our flexible yet demanding working hours help us to seek out the best and most talented professionals. We also offer paid internship opportunities for young people who are interested in Social Impact events.

The Lady in Charge

Nina Abi Fadel

“It was on August 29, 2003 that I established EVENTA, it was then a small business with a big vision: to change the world one event at a time. I started this venture because I wanted the ability and freedom to choose to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organization on projects and events that made a difference and that had a positive social impact. Since 2003, EVENTA has successfully completed diverse projects in different sectors, and we have grown our expertise, abilities, and scope of work. We are privileged to have attracted clients who work on events and projects of great causes. This has enriched the way we do our business ensuring sound ethical standards in all our endeavors. Today I feel very proud of EVENTA’s achievements, and I am more determined than ever to continue with the vision, to take on more challenges, and to actively work on meeting sustainable development goals for our local and global communities."

Nina Abi Fadel
Our Culture
  • Leave a positive footprint
  • Prioritize Social Impact projects
  • Be a partners rather than a suppplier
  • Respect integrity and transparency
  • Value flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Have a positive and solution oriented attitude
  • Enjoy sharing our expertise
  • Masters at multi-tasking
  • Attention to details (a lot!)
  • Enjoying what we do

Social Impact Events & Development Programs

We offer a wide range of services and professional support to non-profit organizations, SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs locally and internationally. This includes, organizational development, training, team recruiting, fundraising and mobilization of resources, as well as implementation of diverse projects for different target sectors including, but not limited to: Education, Health, Culture, Environment and Local Development.

EVENTA meticulously conceptualizes, designs, and implements events of all types and sizes. We assist our partners with budget planning and control, sponsorship packages, media coverage, venue sourcing, marketing material production, entertainment and technical delivery, and post event management. Additionally we offer hospitality support that includes and is not limited to: travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, inland transportation, tours and sightseeing, and corporate gifts and awards. Our attention to detail and creative professional team will make sure that the event goals are reached successfully.
EVENTA maps your success and helps you maximize on your organization’s resources by providing professional recommendations and implementation plans. We work closely with you and your team to find creative solutions and plans to grow your organization in a sustainable and exponential manner. This is accomplished through expert assessment of your organizational goals and resources to create practical long term and short term strategies to match and optimize your resources. We offer you support through needs assessment, team building, volunteer mobilization, communication strategies, and overall management and logistical support.
EVENTA collaborates with your organization on creating original and sustainable fundraising strategies and plans. We assist you in finding creative and diversified fundraising approaches and strategies while providing your organization with training and guidance for implementing various income generating events and activities. Our fundraising services include and are not limited to: providing sustainable revenue models, mobilization of resources, mapping and building of a database of donors, building networks capacity, building of local development agents in project implementation, and auto financing of small initiatives.
EVENTA provides organizations with professional grant proposal mapping and writing as well as annual report writing and production services. We create business plans and grant proposals that will help you to optimize on the strength of your ideas and help you get the funding for various projects. EVENTA can also help you document and spread the word about your accomplishments and impact through annual report and impact report writing, production, and dissemination to stakeholders and to the public, whether in print or digital form.
Social Return on Investment is an internationally recognized methodology that helps organizations and businesses monetize the social change created to measure their proven impact, and to have a comprehensive view of their Total Return on Investment across the Triple Bottom-Line (TBL). Profit involving a social purpose, one that creates a positive cycle of company and community prosperity is not always easy to measure, at EVENTA we provide you with ways to prove your positive impact and measure the creation value.
Events & Projects


CLES 10.10.DYS
Collaborating with CLES, Lebanese Center for Special Education, on the overall management of their annual conference and awareness campaign commemorating the learning DYSabilities day “10.10.DYS” on October 10 of every year.
Conference Organizer for MENAHRA’s (Middle East North Africa Harm Reduction Association) Regional Conference on Harm Reduction hosting 250 delegates from 20 countries in the MENA region.
Organizing a 2-day Police Officers meeting in Beirut for IDLO (International Development Law Organization) in collaboration with UNAIDS.
Harm Reduction International
Collaborated with HRI (Harm Reduction International) on the delivery of a complex 5-day conference; the 22nd International Conference for Harm Reduction hosted in Lebanon attracting 800 delegates from 70 countries.
Arab Human Rights Fund
Organization of full day conference for the Donors Consultative Meeting with over 150 attendees who represented donor agencies and Human Rights activists.


Development and project coordination for the DYS Initiative targeting children and young adults with specific learning disabilities.
Orphan Welfare Society
Development and Fundraising Consultant involved in the strategic planning and implementation of innovative programs and fundraising activities.
Beirut Marathon Association
Collaboration for the development of their Annual Impact Report.
Cenacle de la Lumiere
Collaboration as a consultant for developing a 5-year fundraising strategy.
Participated in the Novartis Levant Forum as a fundraising specialist and offered training to representatives of patient group organizations from the Levant region.
Al Fanar UK
Development and production of a business and marketing plan for Ana Aqra’ association implementing Emergency Education programs in Lebanon.
Consulting for the PACE (Promoting Active Citizen Engagement) program that led to developing a revised business plan and new sustainable revenue model for The Nawaya Network.
KDC – Knowledge-Dev Co
Fundraising training and coaching for a group of local civil society members through the EYH (Expand your Horizon) program managed by KDC.
Collaborated with Middle East North Africa Harm Reduction Association on the mapping and building of a database of Donors for Harm Reduction and related sectors. A project funded by the WHO -World Health Organization.
RANAA, Regional Arab Network Against AIDS
Collaboration on the development of a 5-year fundraising strategy and the mapping of potential donors. A project funded by UNAIDS and AIDS Alliance.
Collaborated with UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments) and BTVL (Bureau Techniques des Villes Libanaise) on the project “Empowering the role of municipalities in local development” including capacity building of local development agents in project implementation and auto financing of small initiatives.
Les Amis Des Marionettes
Collaborated with LAM to develop their business model by concluding new partnerships and seeking funds for national edutainment programs reaching out to +300 public schools and libraries across Lebanon, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture. We also helped LAM explore opportunities in Qatar and UAE.
An experiential learning boot camp to help youth create wealth by thinking differently. MONEYSMART is a national program that will run across Lebanon designed specifically to meet the need to train young people on skills to better manage their wealth, shifting their mindset to become money smart and to help them reach financial independence earlier in life.
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World Days Celebration
Launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Education “World Days Celebration”, a national event targeting 110,000 elementary students. A story supported by multidisciplinary activities was developed for each theme celebrated: Water, Earth and Family. An Art Exhibition and Awards distribution event concluded the series of activities.
National Career Fair
Launched, funded and organized a National Career Fair that toured four regions in Lebanon reaching 56,000 students indirectly and 10,000 students directly involving a team of 120 professionals and with the support of 190 volunteers . An event under the patronage of the Ministry of Education realized with the support of UNDP and other partners.
Created a new concept for school planners, traditionally used for homework only, into awareness tools tackling various social and educational topics. A pilot project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, included the use of career and environment themes editions by 140,000 students and 10,000 teachers in all public schools across Lebanon.
You are Stronger Initiative
An initiative created to empower women with breast cancer. The YOU ARE STRONGER initiative offers an exchange platform to share positive experiences and information about breast cancer complementary therapies through a Facebook page, with future plans to create awareness and empowerment events. Please follow our facebook page: @enteela2wa and help us empower more women touched by breast cancer in Lebanon and around the world.

You can watch our 60” animated movie here:
Little Book of Love Quotes
 Little Book of Love Quotes
 “The Little Book of Love Quotes”, a kids-helping-kids initiative involving the compilation of love quotes from children to help other children in need of heart surgery. A cause related publication with 50% of sales proceeds donated to a local charity.
Little Book of Phoenician Alphabet
 Little Book of Phoenician Alphabet
 In conjunction with the nomination of Beirut as the World Book Capital of 2009 this book was produced and published with the objective of promoting Lebanese Cultural Heritage. The book continues to be hosted in various cultural events across the world.

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